We have 4 generations of experience in the international art market, contacts all over the world with private collections, museums and experts.
We provide comprehensive assistance in all matters concerning paintings, drawings, watercolors, oil sketches, and sculptures from the second half of the 18th century to the first half of the 20th.



We provide appraisals of works of art and entire collections. This is a totally free and no-obligation service. We develop strategies for collecting and art investments in general.



Would you like to sell or buy works by a particular artist or period?

We purchase artworks for our collection directly from private collectors. We also handle works on consignment.



We will be your intermediaries. Would you like to sell a work of art discreetly to your acquirer? We will be happy to evaluate and conduct all sales negotiations on your behalf.



Drawing on our long experience and taste, we will help you devise elegant display arrangements in which your collection will be placed the perfect dialogue with the space that houses it. We will offer you innovative and elegant design solutions to suit all tastes and preferences.



Collaborating with archives, exhibitions and libraries, and a vast amount of scholars specializing in various periods, we will carry out the work of study and research regarding provenance, exhibitions and literature of your works.



We offer consulting services on conservation and art historical classification. On your behalf, we will refer you to trusted art restoration and conservation specialists who will best understand the work and its restoration needs.