MARCH 10 - 19, 2017



Once again Galleria Francesca Antonacci Damiano Lapiccirella participates at the 2017 edition of TEFAF Maastricht, submitting its proposals in the most exclusive area of the  event: Paintings.



Press release

With three annual editions in two continents, TEFAF is considered the world's most important trade fair for art, antiques and design. TEFAF offers international merchants the best platform to showcase museum-quality works to a selected audience of collectors and enthusiasts. The 2016 edition of TEFAF Maastricht saw the participation of 275 leading international galleries with 75 thousand visitors from 60 countries.

One of the most remarkable works Galleria Francesca Antonacci Damiano Lapiccirella is presenting at the 2017 edition, is a marvellous painting by Ippolito Caffi depicting a fascinatingly evocative View of the Grand Canal in Venice with Santa Maria della Salute. The majestic dome of the church of Santa Maria della Salute emerges from a magical mist as the fog gradually lifts, dissolving in the early morning sunshine.

Nine rare and unpublished oils on paper applied onto canvas showcase views of the sky, seascapes and sight of the Roman Campagna by Johann Jakob FREY. The artist captures the changing light with extraordinary effects of transparency and lightness of brushwork, small "sketches", instinctive outbursts jotted down on the spur of the physical and spiritual moment, expressions of the soul, episodes which we might call "private", intended for storage in the recesses of the mind, moments of enrapt inspiration for a motif.

Spanish painter Federico BELTRAM MASSES large portrait of Lady Michelham, whose beauty and extravagance were legendary in her own day, depics the beutiful woman seated on a gondola in Venice, wearing a stylish black dress while seductively clutching a red mask with her left hand, providing the painting with an atmosphere at once both mysterious and sensual.


Installation Views